Junior Stock Chap #16

Junior Stock Chap #16


These Junior Chaps feature Double Fringe, Hair On Hide Cut Outs, Exotic Leather Overlay and Conchos.

The Upper Thigh Measurement is 19" and the Outseam Measurement is 35".  The back belt is made large so that you may specify your waist measurement.  When purchasing, please list your waist measurement in the comments box so that we may take the back belt up to fit your waist measurement perfectly. 

*There are 5 holes in the thigh strap, spaced one inch apart, with a 19" Upper Thigh Measurement at the middle hole.  If your Thigh Measurement comes out to 17" up to 20", then this pair of chaps will work for you, depending on how tight you like them to fit on your thigh, as long as your Outseam Measurement is 35".

Please click on the link below to see how to measure for the size chaps you need:


Price: $404.55