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"I've been using Barstow riggins and equipment for 10 years now. Not once could I say I've had a bad riggin, pad, latigos, or anything of there products! Their riggins fit horses and cinch down really good, where you don't have to cinch so tight and give the horse a chance also! The time and work Brent and Neil put into there product really shows! Thanks Barstow!"
-Kaycee Feild 
  Spanish Fork, UT
  WNFR Qualifications: 8 (2008-15 & 2020)
  5x World Champion Bareback Rider

"Thank you Barstow! From the first time I nodded my head on a bareback horse, I have always had great confidence in my equipment. No matter what the horse or venue may be, I trust in the consistency and durability of my Barstow Riggin. In a high stakes game such as rodeo, equipment can make or break you. So don't cheat yourself, choose Barstow."
-Richmond Champion 
2013 "The American" Champion
WNFR Qualifications: 2 (2014, 2016)