"The great folks at Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment have rodeo figured out. They have everything I need in one place and second to none customer service."
-Ardie Maier

Timber Lake, South Dakota - Top PRCA Bull Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 2  (2010, 2012)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 3

Bareback Riders

"Thank you Neil and Brent for making the most reliable equipment and the best bareback riggings ever made!"
-Steven Peebles
Redmond, OR
WNFR Qualifications: 7 (2009 - 2015)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 6
World Titles Won: 1 (2015)

"I've been using Barstow riggins and equipment for 10 years now. Not once could I say I've had a bad riggin, pad, latigos, or anything of there products! Their riggins fit horses and cinch down really good, where you don't have to cinch so tight and give the horse a chance also! The time and work Brent and Neil put into there product really shows! Thanks Barstow!"
-Kaycee Feild 
  Spanish Fork, UT
  WNFR Qualifications: 9 (2008-18 & 2020)
  5x World Champion Bareback Rider

"Thank you Barstow! From the first time I nodded my head on a bareback horse, I have always had great confidence in my equipment. No matter what the horse or venue may be, I trust in the consistency and durability of my Barstow Riggin. In a high stakes game such as rodeo, equipment can make or break you. So don't cheat yourself, choose Barstow."
-Richmond Champion 
2013 "The American" Champion
WNFR Qualifications: 4 (2014 -2018)

"Barstow has the highest quality equipment out there. I started with the Pro Flex High Lift and now use the Okie High Lift and they have all been great. Any time I am in need of equipment, they always have it ready to go. You can't beat the standard of quality or service of Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment."
-Bill Tutor 

Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 2 (2017-2018)
RAM NCFR Qualifications: 3 (2015-16, 2018)

"Since the first horse I got on, it's been Barstow Equipment. Quality products is what they are about. I personally ride with an Okie High Lift. There's nobody else in the industry you can personally call and be given the best insight as to what you need. From my first horse to my last, it will always be Barstow."
-Austin Foss 
2012 PRCA Bareback Rookie of the Year
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 3 (2013-2015)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 2 (2013 - 2014)

"I started out with a Barstow Rigging in High School, and have used them ever since. I have been beyond satisfied with the quality and performance!"
-Ty Breuer
 Mandan, ND

Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 4 (2013, 2016-18)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 1 (2013)
RAM NCFR Qualifications: 3 (2015-16, 2018)

"I use Barstow riggings and rodeo equipment because I know that what I will get, is what I want. I won the world Championship using a Pro Flex High Lift. I currently use the Cajun High Lift. No one in the industry makes equipment with the consistent quality time after time, that Barstow does. That's important to me."
-Bobby Mote
 Portland, OR
 4 Time World Champion Bareback Rider (2002 & 2007, 2009-2010)
 Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 15 (2001-2015)

"I use Barstow products because I trust them. When I nod my head, I don't have to worry about my riggin giving out because they are made with the highest quality by great people who are dedicated to the sport of rodeo. I have always rodeo a Barstow riggin and I always will simply because I trust Barstow's work."
-Seth Hardwick 
Laramie, WY
CNFR Qualifier
WNFR Qualifications: 1 (2015)
2015 World Standings Place: 3rd
2015 WNFR Standings Place: 2nd

"Barstow makes the highest quality equipment that exceeds all others. I haven't used anything but a Barstow riggin and never will. The quality and feel of the Pro Flex High Lift gives me the confidence to ride those buckers! Thanks for everything!"
-Will Lowe
Canyon, TX
 3X World Champion Bareback Rider (2003,05,06)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 15 (2002-2015, 2018)
WNFR Average Titles: 2 (2006-2007)
Tour Finale Titles: 7
Tour Finale Qualifications: 18

"Professionalism and a high standard of quality is why I ride with Barstow. Neil Barstow's experience making Bareback Riggings made it easy for me to find the style and feel I needed for each competition. My riggings are the same every time I order them and they stay strong through a rodeo season. One thing you never want to worry about in rodeo is your rodeo equipment. If you wanna be the best, ride with the best."
-Kelly Timberman
Mills, WY
2004 World Champion BB Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 7 (2004-2010)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 6

"When it comes to consistency in a riggin, and getting exactly what you want everytime, Barstow Riggins are second to none."
-Jake Vold
Ponoka, Alberta Canada
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 3 (2014, 2016-17)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 1
CFR qualifier: 3

"I got my first Barstow rigging when I was 9 years old riding in the Minnesota little britches Rodeo association. Through out my years of competition, the quality of Barstow has been consistent and good equipment makes the difference."
-Tanner Aus
 RNCFR qualifications: 2 (2011-12)
2012 CNFR Champion Bareback Rider
WNFR Qualifications: 3 (2015 -2017)

"My name is Ryan Gray from Cheney Washington. I started riding bareback horses when I was eleven years old. Bareback riding was my favorite event growing up. When I started riding bareback horses I started with a Barstow bareback riggin. I have never used anything else. I truly believe the quality of your equipment directly reflects your riding success. I feel it is important that you are confident in your equipment. I know if I have confidence in my riggin that then I have confidence in my riding. I honestly believe that Barstow offers the highest in quality when it comes to equipment. I wouldn't ride with anything else"
-Ryan Gray
 Cheney, WA
WNFR Qualifications: 8 (2005-2013)
Tour Finale Titles: 1
Tour Finale Qualifications: 8
2004 National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Bareback Champion

"I came to Neil Barstow in 2002 not knowing anything about rodeo. Neil thoroughly set me up in the right direction with all of the gear I would need to compete in Bareback Riding. He treated me as if I knew about rodeo even though I didn't. One year later I won Rookie of the Year. Since that day, the only rodeo equipment I use is Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment, because I know the man behind it and exactly how and where it is made. The quality is such, that if I do my part, I know I will get to the pay window. He doesn't just make my gear he is a friend."
-Clint Cannon  Waller, TX - WNFR Qualifications: 5 (2009-2011, 2013, 2015) Top PRCA Bareback Rider

"I have been riding with Barstow Riggings ever since I was a Junior in High School and would never change. They are great on the arm and hand and help me ride the rank ones. Thanks Neil for the great work."
-Jessy Davis
Payson, UT
Top PRCA Bareback Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 7 (2006-08, 2012-14, 2016)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 5

"I have used Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment since I was first introduced to the sport of rodeo. The quality and craftsmanship of the products are second to none. They are very knowledgeable about the sport of rodeo and continue to innovate with the evolution of rodeo. The modern day bareback riding style would not be where it is today without the dedication to the cowboy that Barstow has shown. I personally would not have the success that I have had in the arena if not for folks at Barstow and the quality equipment they have provided for me. Barstow stands behind their equipment and are always willing to answer any questions you may have. The Barstow team will work to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and need. The kind of products they offer have allowed me to focus on my riding and not worry about my equipment. I have full faith in the equipment to perform at a high level, each and every time. If you are in the market for anything rodeo related, Barstow Pro Rodeo should be your first and only stop."
-Paden Hurst 
Cypress, TX
CNFR Qualifications: 2 (2016-2017)
CPRA Finals Qualifier 2015 - 2015 CPRA Finals Rookie (Bareback Riding)
2015 Texas High School Rodeo Association Finals - Reserve State Champion Bareback Rider

"I started using Barstow Bareback Riggins in 2008. Ever since I cracked out my first one, I have consistently won money and my riding went from average to amazing! When I get my riggins, I know that they are of the highest quality and will last. I feel you are only as good as your equipment, and Barstow is the best, and will always be the best. I want to be the best, so I use the best!! Great equipment from great people!!"
-Casey Colletti
Top PRCA Bareback Rider
WNFR Qualifications: 3 (2011-2013)

"I've used a lot of other equipment over the years. Now I use Barstow, because the quality that Neil Barstow and Brent Hodge put into their bareback riggings and bull ropes is, bar none, the best!"
-Justin McDaniel
Porum, OK
2008 PRCA World Champion BB Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 4 (2007-2010)
WNFR Average Titles: 2 (2008,2010)
2005 Bareback Resistol Rookie of the Year

"I got on my first horse with a Barstow Rigging and I have not run my hand in anything else. I have total confidence in every ride with my rigging. I use the Pro Flex High Lift and anytime I need one, Barstow is right on top of it. "
-Clint Laye
2012 Canadian Finalist
2012 CNFR Qualifier
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 1 (2015)

"I started with a Barstow Pony Riggin, made my way up to an 812P and now I am riding and winning in the new Okie! Me and this riggin were meant to be. It allows me to show off all that I have! I will never put my hand in another riggin! It took me to the next step so I can win against anybody. Thanks Barstow!"
-Jake Brown
Hillsboro, TX
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 4 (2015-2018)
RAM NCFR Qualifications: 2 (2016-2018)
2008 National High School Bareback Champion

"Barstow riggings are the best. I have tried a few other riggings, but nothing compares to Barstow. Barstow gives me the confidence I need to ride and win!"
-Jared Smith
Cross Plains, TX -
Top PRCA Bareback Rider
 WNFR Qualifications: 2 (2009, 2013)
2008 PRCA Bareback Riding Rookie of the Year
2006 Florida High School Bareback Champ
2005 IFYR Bareback Champ
2003 NHSRA Rookie Bareback Rider of the Year

"I have used Barstow's equipment ever since I started riding. It is high quality equipment that I can trust when I nod my head. I know if I do my job my equipment will hold up and help me to the pay window. Using Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment, I know I am getting the best rodeo equipment at the most reasonable price. Thank you Neil and Belinda for making the most reliable rodeo equipment around. Keep up the good work."
-Steven Dent
Mullen, NE
2006 Resistol All Around and Bareback Rookie of the Year
Wrangler NFR Qualifications 9 (2007-08, 2010-14, 2017-18)
Wrangler NFR Average Titles: 1 (2018, tied)
RAM NCFR Qualifications: 1 (2018)
2018 World Standings Place: 2nd
2018 Wrangler NFR Standings Place: 1 (2018, tied)

"I have used Barstow riggings for many years. They are the most reliable and best feeling rigging. Barstow has helped me to my first National Finals Rodeo and I know I can always count on Barstow!"
-Josi Young
Buhl, ID
Wrangler National Finals Qualifications: 1
Tour Finale Qualifications: 1
DNCFR Qualifications: 3

"My career spanned three decades, 18 Wrangler National Finals qualifications, and a world championship. All this would not have been possible without the quality craftmanship of Barstow Rodeo Equipment. There is no better bareback rigging on the market! Barstow Chaps are made of the finest leather and are built with protection in mind.. Not to mention, in my 25 years as a professional I've tried a lot of different boots and none can compare to the quality and durability of the Barstow riding boot."
-Clint Corey
Powell Butte, OR
1991 PRCA World Champion Bareback Rider
18 Wrangler NFR Qualifications

"Barstow Rodeo Equipment is just as high quality and tough as the guys that use them. Neil Barstow makes the best bare back rigging on the market, I've never used another and don't really care to. Thanks Neil for helping me get by the buckers.."
-Tilden Hooper 
Carthage, TX
WNFR Qualifications: 3 (2008-2009,2011)
2007 BB Resistol Rookie Of the Year
2007 NCFR BB Champion

"Being a professional bareback rider is hard. Thanks to Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment I can compete at the top tier of our sport without worrying about the quality of my gear. Thanks for always providing the best equipment on the market."
-Matt Bright 
Azle, TX
Top PRCA Bareback Rider
WNFR Qualifications: 3 (2010-2012)
RNCFR Qualifications 3(2007-09)

"Rodeo is a very challenging sport. There are many obstacles to overcome. Don't let your equipment be one of them. Ride with Barstow equipment and riggings and ride with confidence."
-Jeff Collins 
World Champion Bareback Rider (2000)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 6
Pace Picante Series Qualifications: 2

"Barstow bareback riggins fit your hand, fit the horse and last the longest. In my opinion they are the best, period!"
-Ty Murray
 7 time World Champion All-Around Cowboy
1993 NFR Bareback Average Winner

"I've been extremely happy with my new Okie High Lift Bareback Rigging. The quality and craftsmanship of Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is the best I have used. During 18 years of riding bareback horses, I would advise anyone to get their tools of their trade from Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment."
-DV Fennell 
Porum, OK
WNFR Qualifications: 2 (2009-2010)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 2

"Barstow is the best made rodeo equipment there is and it never let me down. I felt like I was ahead of the game knowing that the equipment I was using was the best that was available. That left me to focus on one thing, making a winning ride. As far as I was concerned, it helped me win a World Championship."
-Dave Appleton 
1988 World Champion All Around Cowboy

"When it comes time to leave the chute the last thing I want to think about is equipment failure. With Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment that is the furthest thing from my mind. Quality equipment is a big factor when it comes to Bareback Riding. I've tried the rest now I use the best! My preferred rigging is the Cajun High Lift. I've been riding with one for about three years and wouldn't use anything else."
-Silas Richards 
3 Time Texas Circuit Finalist
4 Time Australian NFR Qualifier

"I have used every kind of riggin on the market over the years, and have found that none feel as good or last as long as a Barstow. The secret to winning money is consistency in what you do, and without equipment that you can count on, the consistency isn't there. I was told early on that the best investment you can make is good equipment, and that stands true today at any level. That is why I have, and always will stick with Barstow Riggins and Rodeo Equipment."
-Heath Ford
Greeley, CO
Top PRCA Cowboy
Tour Finale Qualifications: 3
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 3

"Since I started riding bareback horses, I have always been finding ways to get to the next level. Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment has always provided me with top quality equipment to ensure my success."
-Kody Lamb 
2014 PRCA Bareback Riding Rookie of the Year

"From my first bareback horse to learning from the best today, Barstow riggings have been my choice. Being confident is a big thing on the road and Barstow's quality equipment produces, which in return sets you up for greatness."
-Kyle Brennecke 
4X Time CNFR Qualifier

"I started riding Bareback horses in Brazil in 1998 and I have used Barstow's equipment since that time. I have been in a lot of rodeos around the world like Brazil, U.S.A. and Canada and I always use Barstow's equipment because they are dependable and long lasting and I can say it for my own experience. I used the same Bareback Rigging non-stop for three years and it's still good. That's why I use Barstow's Equipment. It's the best in the world!"
-Luiz Moreira 
Sao Paulo, Brazil
3 X Brazilian BB Champion
5 X Jaguariuna Rodeo Festival Champion
4 X Barretos International Rodeo Champion
1 X IFR Qualifier 8 Straight Wins In A Single Season
2007 Brazilain Record Title Holder

"I started using a Barstow rigging and have stayed with them. They are tough, dependable and long lasting. I use a Pro Flex High Lift Rigging which seems to work best for me. I like the fact that Barstow takes care of their customers and helps you get down the road. At the college and PRCA rodeos that I attend, Barstow is well represented."
-Brian Leddy 
Leedey, OK
PRCA and College Bareback Rider
Oklahoma High School Bareback Champ 2002 and 2003
Prairie Circuit Qualifier 2005

"I have used Barstow Rodeo Equipment since 1983, and feel it is bar none the best on the market. Barstow riggings helped give me a successful 20 year career in the PRCA. If you want to be the best,you have to ride with the best."
-Kelly Wardell 
Bellevue, ID
Top PRCA Cowboy
Former PRCA Bareback Director

"I have been riding with a Barstow rigging for 13 years. I was introduced to Barstow riggings by Dave Appleton. I went to his house after just starting and he gave me a Barstow rigging. I went to 3 rodeos that weekend and won all of them. I have personally watched Neil Barstow at work. He is just like the cowboys that use his equipment. He loves what he does and he is always at the top of his game by gathering information from the cowboys to better perfect his equipment with the changing styles of riding and the livestock. I have personally depended on his equipment to take me to the NFR and the Calgary $50,000 Champions. It's hard enough dealing with the road and the grueling season of rodeo mentally and physically. You shouldn't have to worry about fighting your head over equipment, That's why I use Barstow. "
-Chris Harris 
Itasca, TX
Wrangler NFR Qualifications:6
Tour Finale Qualifications: 4

"I have never had any equipment that fits as well, or is built with the quality that Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is."
-Jason Havens 
Bend, OR
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 5 (2004, 2007, 2009-2011)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 7

"I have used Barstow's riggins's since I began my rodeo career. I depend on my equipment to help me make the best rides I can and to keep me safe in the arena. With Barstow Rodeo Equipment I always have the peace of mind and don't have to worry about anything but riding. I have only been through six riggin's in my whole career, now that says something about the durability and strength of this equipment."
-Andy Martinez 
Pavillion, WY
Wrangler NFR Qualifications 3
Tour Finale Titles: 3
Tour Finale Qualifications: 7

"I've rode Barstow Riggings all my life. The way I see it, if you want to compete and be the best, you better be riding with the best rigging."
-Cody Demers 
Kimberly, ID
Wrangler NFR Qualifications 4 (2003-2005, 2011)
Tour Finale Qualifications 5

"Good gear is hard to find. Great long lasting gear is easy to find at Barstow. Thanks to Neil and everyone at Barstow for the quality equipment."
-Dave Worsfold 
Queensland, Australia
2008 Cody Stampede BB Champion

""In my 16 year career, Barstow Pro Rodeo has been there every step of the way. They make the best riggins by far!! Neil and Brent are always ready and willing to take on any task or design or change you can think of, and the end result is always a masterpiece. At 31, I wouldn't trust the safety of my equipment to anyone else. They also just made me the most amazing pair of alligator chaps.. If your looking for the equipment to make your rodeo career a success, then they are your guys.....there's nothing they won't try to do to accommodate you!!"
-Jerod Johnston
Kingfisher, OK
PRCA Bareback Rider
2x Prairie Circuit Qualifier

"My Barstow Pro Flex High Lift allows me to ride in comfort, show off my style, and bring my level of competition to be more consistent. I've used Barstow ever since High School level, now 5 years pro, I've yet to find any other equipment that was built as solid and last like Barstow. And not to mention Brent, Neil, and all the workers in the shop are easy to work with, and will take care of your every needs. Arena tested, pay window proven."
-Tray Chambliss 
Texas NHSRA Top Ten BB Rider
Southeast Circuit Qualifier Bonifay, FL
Champion Bareback Rider Sandhills Stock Show and Rodeo
Champion Bareback Rider Buckeye, AZ Champion Bareback Rider

"I have used every piece of equipment Barstow makes from riding boots to riggings. I began using Barstow equipment when I was young because it was the best. I am 28 now and still using Barstow's equipment."
-Mike Outhier 
Utopia, TX
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 4
Tour Finale Titles:1
Tour Finale Qualifications: 5

"I have always known Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is the best since my older brother, Steven Peebles started riding a few years before me. I know Steven has always used Barstow's equipment and that they have taken great care of him. I have always ahd full confidence in my gear throughout every stage of my bareback riding career. Barstow is my backbone in bareback riding by making sure to keep me as safe as possible and to be able to perform at the highest level."
-David Peebles 
PRCA Bareback Rider

"Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is by far the best around. I started with a Barstow Riggin and have never found anything more durable and dependable. Also, the Barstow team is by far the nicest, most helpful people around, when needing advise on equipment."
-Doug Champion 
Huntsville, TX
PRCA Bareback Rider

"Barstow bareback riggings are the best made rigs on the market. They are reliable and dependable. You can bet when you get your rigging from Barstow, it will fit and last longer than any other piece of equipment on the market. I use the Cajun High Lift bareback rigging. It is easy on my arm and also easy on the horses I get on. This is why you see all the top bareback riders in the PRCA and other organizations using Barstow riggings."
-James Boudreaux  
Cuero, TX
Top PRCA Cowboy
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 6 (1996,1998,2000-2003)
Pace Picante Series Qualifications: 4

"Barstow Equipment is the dominant brand of rodeo equipment for a reason. They are the best money can buy. If you look around on the fence at any Pro Rodeo or at the NFR you will see more Barstow Equipment than any other brand. That should tell you something right there. Once you ride with a Barstow you will never ride with anything else. I ride with Barstow because it gives me the ability to ride at the top of my game!"
-Dennis Foyil 
Guthrie, OK
Prairie Circuit Bareback Riding Champion 2002
Prairie Circuit Bareback Riding Average Winner 2003
1998 National High School Bareback Riding Champion

"I have been riding with Barstow equipment since my rodeo career began. I am a firm believer that Barstow makes the best equipment going down the road today. I really appreciate how Neil enjoys working with different cowboys with what suits them the best. P.S. I wish everyone out there the best of luck!"
-Chase Erickson
Helena, MT
3 X CNFR Qualifier
1 X Montana Circuit Finals Qualifier
3 X Wilderness Circuit Finals Qualifier

"Thanks for the great riggings and chaps. Ya'll do great quality work. Thanks for taking care of all of us cowboys and keeping us going. You're always there when we need something."
-Steven Anding 
Crossroads, TX
DNCFR Qualifications: 1
8X Texas Circuit Finalist

"I have been riding in rodeos most of my life. I have ridden with a Barstow riggin for over 10 years. My dad once told me that you are only as good as your equipment. Ihave found this to be true, not only for myself, but I have seen this with other riders. Barstow ensures that every riggin is top quality, for your performance and safety. I will always ride with Barstow equipment for as long as my career will last."
-Dustin Mulrony 
Pomeroy, WA
Columbia River Circuit Finalist
National High School Reserve Cahmpion Bareback Rider
Two-Time Washington State High School Champion Bareback Rider

"I have used Barstow Rodeo Equipment for as long as I can remember. It has gotten me to the place I need to be and hasn't let me down. I use a Pro Flex High Lift riggin. This riggin takes the strain off of my arm and off of the horse's back. Thanks for the great work not only on the riggins but on my chaps as well. Riding rough stock is work all on it's own without having to worry about my equipment. It's long lasting, durable and definitely worth every penny. The only way to go is with Barstow."
-Josh Hudson 
Kaufman, TX
2003-2004 THSRA Region IV Bareback Champion
2004 - 2005 THSRA Region IV Bareback Champion
2004 NHSRA Bareback Rookie of the Year
2002-2005 LHSRA Bareback Champion/Average Champion

"I trust Neil and his products. I wouldn't get on with anything else. Always gives a guy a shot to win. From riggins to spurs, it's the best."
-Buck Lunak 
INFR 2012 Bareback Riding Champion

"I have rode with Barstow Riggings my whole rodeo career! They are reliable, durable, and what every professional uses! Now, they are better than ever, offering several more styles and designs to better fit the rider's style and build. Tou will not find anything better to ride or better people to deal with!"
-George Gillespie IV 
Elgin, OR
RNCFR Qualifications: 1 (2012)
Top PRCA  Cowboy

"There are so many variables to overcome in the sport of Rodeo. My equipment, thanks to Neil and my friends at Barstow, isn't one of them. I'm writing this to let them know that I appreciate the quality they put into their work, and the manner in which they do business. Thanks Barstow!"
-Eric Swenson 
Bonham, TX
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 3 (1998-99, 2005)
Pace Picante Series Qualifications: 4
2005 Bareback Riding World Standings Place: 8th

"When I first started using Barstow Bull Ropes over 5 years ago, I knew I would never use anything else. They say if you want to perform at your best, you have to use the best equipment. Brent always braids them up just the way I like them, and have never had any problems. So why go with anything else?"
-Mark Gomes 
Nickerson, KS
World Champion Bareback Rider (1998)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 8
Pace Picante Serires Qualifications: 5

"Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is in a class of it's own. When I started riding barebacks, Barstow was the rigging of champions and twenty years later it still is. The quality and craftmanship that Neil puts into his riggings and equipment is second to none. With that said, "Ride with something else if you enjoy second."
-Scott Montague 
Fruitdale, SD
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 4
2002 Calgary Stampede Champion
Tour Finale Qualifications 8

"I got my first Barstow Bull Rope when I was 8 years old. Since then I have used only Barstow ropes because of their quailty and durability. The staff at Barstow is so helpful, and they are able to customize my ropes for me. You won't find me using anything other than a Barstow Bull Rope!"
-Raymond "Bump" Postlethwait 
Shelby, OH -
5X IFR Qualifier
3X World's Toughest Qualifier

"I rode my first bareback horse with a Barstow rigging and I still ride with one to this day. If you ask Neil, he will give you sound advise about equipment and will work with you to add any personal touches. I know that the Barstow crew build riggings for the professional cowboys that need to stay on top of the game. My money is made with Barstow equipment and service and I plan to keep it that way. Thanks Neil!"
-Jake Garon 
Rapid City, SD
 2 x Badlands Circuit Finalist

"I have used Barstow Riggings and equipment since I started. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. Barstow's field of expertise can not be matched."
-Kenny Haworth 

"Barstow riggins have been dependable and allows me to be the best bareback rider possible. Good equipment allows for good success I thank Barstow for that, for 12 years."
-Caine Riddle 

"Not only does Barstow make the best equipment on the market, but they are extremely helpful and easy to work with. Thanks for everything Neil."
-Ben Londo
San Luis Obispo, CA
2005 RNCFR All-Around and Bareback Champion
RNCFR Qualifications: (2005 & 2007 BB), (2008-2009, 2013,2015 SB)

"I was introduced to Neil's riggings back in 1990 when I was in college. I haven't used anyone elses riggings, pads, chaps, spurs, or anything since. I recommend all guys use Barstow Equipment because Neil puts as much pride into his equipment as I put into my riding. That's what keeps him on top of the rodeo equipment industry. Neil's PRCA bareback rigging pads are excellent because they take the pressure from the rigging and distribute the pressure evenly along the horses back. They actually cut down on the horses flipping in the chutes. I personally wouldn't trust my life with any other rigging."
-Scotty Drennan 
Top PRCA and IPRA Cowboy
2 Time U.S. Smokeless Series Bareback Riding Champion

"Neil Barstow and gang have surpassed all other companies. Why because they care. I can call Barstow and they build my rigging exactly like I want it. I ride the Cajun High LIft because it lasts and it feels great. I will never ride anything else unless Barstow builds something better. Thanks Barstow, your the best."
-Tim Wilkinson
Fort Scott, KS
4x Great Lakes Circuit Champ
5x Worlds Toughest
Tour Finale Qualifications 1

"I have been ordering and riding Barstow Rodeo Gear my whole career. In my opinion, Barstow's Riggins are the best out there. Neil has the best customer service ever. If you need help with something, Neil will do his best to help. I would recommend Barstow Rodeo Gear to anyone."
-Tyler Scales
2010 & 2011 Mountain States Circuit Finals Qualifier
NCFR Qualifications: 2
2 x Central Plains Regional Reserve Champion

"Barstow bareback riggins have been proven to be the best time and time again. They are well made and last longer than any other riggin on the market. I ride with the Cajun High Lift Bareback Rigging, and it works great for me. That's why I wouldn't recommend any other bareback riggin than Barstow."
-Zach Dishman 
Beamont, TX
4 x CNFR Qualifier
4 x Texas Circuit Qualifier
Ft. Worth Champion 2006

"I use Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment because I know that it is high quality and I can trust my equipment every time I get on! The Barstow crew puts lots of effort, and it shows on the professional level. Thanks Barstow!"
-Jeffrey Spur Lacasse
Mirabel, Quebec, CANADA
CNFR Qualifications: 1 (2015)

Bull Riders

"I've been using Barstow bull ropes and equipment since I started riding bulls. They have always worked with me on building a quality rope-exactly the way I want it-everytime. Thanks guys!"
-Cody Teel
Kountze, TX
PRCA World Champion Bull Rider (2012)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 4 (2011-2015)
2015 World Standings Place: 2nd
2012 PRCA Texas Circuit Champion Bull Rider
2011 CNFR Champion Bull Rider
2011 PRCA All-American Series Champion Bull Rider
2009 & 2010 Texas High School Rodeo Assoc. State Champion Bull Rider

"I ride with Barstow bull ropes and bareback riggings because they are the best! I like using them because they help me ride to my best ability. The guys at Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment have always been great at getting me everything that I need to help me succeed. Thanks for everything!"
-Clayton Foltyn
El Campo, TX
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 3 (2005, 2011, 2015)
2015 World Standings place: 5th
2015 WNFR standings place: T-4th
2011 CBR Cinch Tour World Champion
2004 PRCA Resistol Overall, All Around & Bull Riding Rookie of The Year

"Neil has been in the business for many years and the experience shows in the quality of equipment Barstow makes and sells. Brent braids the best ropes I have ever used. As long as he keeps braiding ropes I will use no other! "
-Cody Rostockyj
Lorena, TX
Top PRCA Bull Rider

"Neil has been in the business for many years and the experience shows in the quality of equipment Barstow makes and sells. Brent braids the best ropes I have ever used. As long as he keeps braiding ropes I will use no other! "
-Beau Hill
Columbia Falls, MT
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 3(2002-2004,2014)
PBR World Finals Qualifications:4
Tour Finale Qualifications: 3

"Bull riding is hard enough without having to worry about your gear and that's why I ride with Barstow Rodeo Gear."
-BJ Schumacher
Hillsboro, WI
2006 PRCA World Champion Bull Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 8 (2002-2009)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 9

"Good Ropes, quick service, nice boots and very nice people."
-Cole Echols
Frierson, LA
Top PRCA Bull Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications:  1  (2013)
Tour Finale Qualifications:  2

"Having confidence in a good bull rope like my Barstow Custom 9/5 plait helps me get through the long year."
-Casey Baize
Big Lake, TX
Top PRCA Bull Rider
Pace Picante Series Qualifications: 2

"Barstow, thanks for keeping my hand in the rope. Good quality and good use."
-Clayton Savage
Casper, WY
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 3 (2009, 2011, 2012)
RNCFR Qualifications: 5 (2008-11, 2015)

"Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment custom makes my ropes like I want them. They get them to me as fast as possible and they always take care of me. Their quality and service can't be beat."
-J.B Mauney
2009 PBR Finals Champion
PBR World Champion Bull Rider 2013
PBR World Champion Bull Rider 2015

"Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment custom makes my ropes like I want them. They get them to me as fast as possible and they always take care of me. Their quality and service can't be beat."
-Wesley Silcox
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 7 (2005-2008, 2010-11, 2015)
CBR World Finals Qualifications: 7 (2005-10, 2013)
PRCA World Champion Bull Rider in 2007
PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour Champion in 2010

"Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is the highest quality and is built tough. Brent Hodge makes my ropes exactly like I like them. Barstow ropes are by far the most durable rope I have ever used or even heard of. I have used my current rope non-stop for three years."
-Justin McBride
Elk City, OK
2005 & 2007 PBR World Champion

"There are many reasons why I use Barstow Bull Ropes, but the main reason is the longevity of these ropes. Barstow uses quality materials along with excellent craftmanship. I get more rides out of Barstow Bull Ropes. I've been using Barstow since I was 9 years old and I will never use anything else. Best equipment and staff in the business."
-Tyler Smith
Fruita, CO
PBR & NFR Finals Qualifier
2007 PRCA World Champion Bull Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 6 (2005-2008, 2010-2011)
Tour Finale Qualifications 5

"I started riding with Barstow boots in high school rodeo. They fit great and the comfort is amazing!!! I began to use a Barstow bullrope in 2012 and I will never change!!! I will recommend it to anyone who wants the best service and quality!!! If you want to perform to the best of your ability you need to ride with the best equipment, and that is Barstow!!! Thank you Barstow for such a blessing with great equipment!!!"
-Kanin Asay
Powell, WY
WNFR Qualifications: 5 (2007-2010, 2012)
2009 WNFR Average Winner

"Barstow has made my ropes since I started riding, and I have never had a complaint. They last longer than anything else and quality is #1. Brent and all the sales people are as helpful as they come and always make sure I get what I need."
-Ty Clearwater
2 x RNCFR Qualifier

"I've been using offset handle bull ropes for the past few years. Recently, I have tried to go back to conventional straight handle bull ropes but I hadn't found any that felt good to me, until I saw one of my buddies' rope. It was a Barstow bull rope. The ropes Barstow build for me are comfortable and easy on my wrist. I like the fact that when I scoot up on my rope it feels like an offset handle rope. Thanks Barstow!"
-L. J. Jenkins
Porum, OK
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 1
WNFR Average Titles: 1 (2011)
Top PBR Bullrider
2006 PBR World Finals Champion

"When it comes to riding bulls, there is no other bull rope that I trust more than a Barstow Bull Rope braided by Brent Hodge. For the best quality rodeo equipment, look no further than Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment."
-Wiley Petersen
Fort Hall, ID
Top PBR Bull Rider
2007 PBR Finals Champion
2006 PBR Chihuahua Challenge Champion
PBR Finals Qualifier 2003
PBR World Standings; 3rd

"When I first started using Barstow Bull Ropes over 5 years ago, I knew I would never use anything else. They say if you want to perform at your best, you have to use the best equipment. Brent always braids them up just the way I like them, and have never had any problems. So why go with anything else?"
-Luke Haught
Ft. Worth, TX
2 x DNCFR Qualifier
2007 World Standings Place: 16th
2008 Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show Bull Riding Champion

"I would like to say thanks for the great equipment. I have used your bull ropes for the last 4 years and I am glad I did. They are the best feeling rope I have put my hand in. They are always built right and they seem to last longer then any other bull rope I've used, so I would like to say thanks, and keep up the good work!"
-Markus Mariluch
Top PBR Bull Rider

"Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment and bull ropes are quality products. It is satisfying going to the rodeos knowing I don't have to worry about anything other than riding. Brent is great about making a custom rope just the way you want and getting it to you as fast as possible."
-Seth Glause
Top PRCA Bull Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 4 (2008, 2010-2012)
RNCFR Qualifications: 2

"If you are gonna be the best then you have to ride with the best. That is why I ride with Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment."
-Cory Melton
Tolar, TX
Top PBR Bull Rider
PBR Finals Qualifications: 4
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 2

"The bull rope is the lifeline of a bull riding career. No rope, no score. I have used many other braiders' ropes before. Brent at Barstow's has by far the best custom made quality and durability that is demanded to compete pro year after year. When other braiders' ropes go bad quick, they say send it back. At Barstow's they don't go bad."
-Jason Creekmore
Calvin, OK
Justin McBride Invitational Bull Riding Champion

"Barstow has got what you need to perform at your max ability, and you can be sure you're getting quality equipment."
-Jerry Shepherd
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 1
Pace Picante Series Qualifications: 4
2004 World Standings Place: 9th

"I started ridin' with Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment when I was 17. In high school and Pro Rodeo I have been impressed with the quality and longevity of my ropes and equipment. The service is top notch with Neil and Brent. I use Barstow cause when I get a rope, I get it exactly how I want. Thank you Barstow!"
-Bobby Welsh
Gillette, WY
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 7 (2005-2011)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 6
2002 National High School Bull Riding Champion

"I use Barstow Bull Ropes because they are tough and dependable. Just like any champion should be."
-Shawn Hogg
 Odessa, TX
WNFR Qualifier
DNCFR Qualifier
2010 RodeoHouston Champion

"Barstow Equipment holds up better than anything I have ever used and lasts the longest. They are the only rope that I would recommend. I have been using them for 2 years now and they are awesome."
-Steve Woolsey
Benjamin, UT
WNFR Qualifications: 3
Tour Finale Titles: 1
Tour Finale Qualifications: 6

"In rodeo it is hard enough to stay on top of your game without having to worry about equipment hindering your ability to stay there. Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment allows me to have peace-of-mind that what is tying me on isn't going to fail me. Brent makes what I like in a rope and is consistent in doing so. I can be confident that only the best materials went into my rope and that the craftmanship is clean and professional. I wouldn't put my trust into just any equipment, that's why I trust Barstow. Professionally made, professionally tested, and professionally proven to take you to the pay window...that's Barstow. "
-Tate Stratton  Kellyville, OK WNFR Qualifications: 2 (2009,2011) 2004 National Intercollegiate Bull Riding Champion Tour Finale Qualifications: 1

"I use Barstow ropes because they are the best on the market. Brent builds my ropes just like I like them. They all at Barstow do a really great job."
-Howdy Cloud
Kountze, TX
WNFR Qualifications: 3 (2005,2007,2009)
Tour Finale Titles: 1
Tour Finale Qualifications: 6

"Thanks Barstow for always making a rope I can count on since the calf riding days. Your Pal,"
-Douglas Duncan
Alvin, TX
PBR Finals Qualifier 2X
WNFR Qualifier 2010
Calgary Stampede Bull Riding Champion

"Over the years I have only used one pair of spurs. You can barely read the logo that says Barstow. But the important thing is that it does. They have been with me for 10 years, and they were used when I got them. This is a true test of durability through high school, college, and now the pro's. I couldn't tell you how many bulls they've been on but it has been a lot! Thanks to Neil and Brent for the great equipment over the years and many to come."
-Dustin Elliott
Tecumseh, NE
2004 PRCA World Champion Bull Rider
WNFR Qualifications: 4 (2004-2006,2010)
PBR Finals Qualifier
Tour Finale Qualifications: 8

"I use Barstow because they make quality equipment to my needs. Their ropes aren't all mass marketed exactly the same. Barstow custom ropes are not only built to last,but built to your specs. I like the custom 9 handle with a soft tail and super hard handle because it turns up and stays where I want it to and doesn't turn over."
-Fred Boettcher
Rice Lake, WI
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 6 (1998,2000-01, 2003-04,2006)
Tour Finale Titles BR: 1
Tour Finale Qualifications: 9
PBR Finals Qualifier

"My name is Friday Wright. I use Barstow bull ropes because they are the best ropes going. They will build you a rope to fit your riding style and that fits in your hand perfectly. Anything else is just second in my book!"
-Friday Wright
Pollok, TX
2013 PRCA Fort Worth Average Champion
RNCFR qualification: 1 (2010)
CBR Finals Qualifier: 4 (2008-2011)
CNFR Qualifications:1   (2008)

"If you want to be the best, then you have to ride with the best. I use a Barstow 9/5 full leather made by Brent Hodge. If a guy is only as good as his equipment, and he's not using Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment, then he could get hurt in the arena AND his pocketbook."
-Clint Craig
Mena, AR
Top PRCA Cowboy
WNFR Qualifications: 2 (2004-2007)
Pace Picante Series Qualifications: 2
2004 World Standings Place: 15th

"I have been using Barstow bull ropes for 12 years now and I am 23 years old. They have made quality ropes to fit both my size and riding style and to fit the different size of animals from steers to bulls."
-Cody Holloway 
Timber Lake, South Dakota
2010 Texas Circuit Finals High Point Ride
2012 Reserve National College Finals
2012 CPRA Year End and Finals Winner

"In my opinion Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is second to none. It is durable and long lasting. When I'm hauling hard, I don't want to worry about my equipment and that's why I ride with Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment and custom bull ropes by Brent Hodge."
-Chad German 
Groesbeck, TX
2009 CNFR Champion Bull Rider
2007 Texas Circuit Champion Bull Rider
2007 PRCA Texas Circuit Rookie of the Year

"Winners do not use junky equipment in any sport. Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is the best there is period!"
-Blaine Whipp 
2 Time IPRA World Champion Bull Rider
Pace Picante Series Qualifications: 1

"Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment is the most personable equipment manufacturer in the rodeo industry. Barstow cares about the contestant so much , that they personalize your equipment to your needs. If not for Neil Barstow and Brent Hodge having one on one meetings with me about how I need a certain piece of equipment made, I wouldn't be rodeoing at all. Barstow is the best in the West!"
-Chad Eubank 
Cleburne, TX
College National Finals Rodeo Bull Riding Champion 2003
Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo All - Around Cowboy 2004

"When riding in any rough stock event you have enough to worry about without having to worry about your equipment, So that's why I use Bartow, no matter what you need Brent or Mr. Neil will get what you need as soon as possible and it is always top quality. Barstow, it's simply the best."
-Clayton Williams 
Carthage, TX
WNFR Qualifications: 1 (2010)
PBR Finals Qualifier
2007 PBR Rookie of the Year
2004 Texas High School Bull Riding State Champion

"Barstow Equipment is the toughest and most reliable equipment made. I've used a lot of different bull ropes through the years, but the Barstow Ropes that Brent Hodge builds for me are the best feeling and longest lasting ropes I have ever had."
-Ross Coleman 
Redmond, OR
Top PBR Bull Rider
PBR Finals Qualifications: 10

" I ride with Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment because I can always count on my hand staying in my rope. They build ropes tough that really hold up. You can always count on Barstow, especially when it matters the most!"
-McKennon Wimberly 
Top CBR Bull Rider
PBR Finals Qualifier

Saddle Bronc Riders

"Over the course of my career, I've used different equipment and I've found that quality of Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipmentis by far the best. It's important to not have questions about your gear when you show up to the rodeo."
-Jacobs Crawley 
Dublin, TX
2015 WNFR World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 5 (2011-2015)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 4 (2011-2014)
RNCFR Qualifications: 5 (2011-2015)

"Barstow's New Riding Boots are top of the line for all rough stock events. They are the most popular riding boot in the PRCA."
-Isaac Diaz 
Timber Lake, South Dakota
Top PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 5 (2007-2009, 2013, 2015)

"I really like the new style riding boots. They are made great for bronc riding, with a good shank and shorter heel. They are also great and comfortable for bull riding."
-Jesse Bail 
Camp Crook, SD
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 12
Tour Finale Titles SB: 2
Tour Finale Qualifications: 16

"I feel that the New Barstow Riding Boot is by far the boot of choice of everyone going down the road in the PRCA. The arches are stouter than anything you will find in any other boot. In my opinion they are by far the best fit and the best riding boot you can find."
-Bobby Griswold
 Toppenish, WA -
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 4
Tour Finale Qualifications: 4

"I've used and been very pleased with Barstow equipment for the 7 years I've been riding broncs. The quality is second to none and I trust that whatever I use from them is going to help me compete at the highest level."
-Garet Aldridge
Carthage, MO
2009 & 2010 Missouri High School Champion
2013 & 2014 Southern Region Saddle Bronc Champion 9th @ CNFR Saddle Bronc 2013 2nd @ Cheyenne Rookie Bronc Riding
2013 Texas Circuit Finals Qualifier

"I have been using Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment for 25 years or better. Everything is good quality, and they have always got it on hand. So if you are like me, when you need it, you need it yesterday. So it's real nice to get it that fast. Its a great company and good people. Thanks Neil and Staff."
-Red Lemmel 
3 Time NFR Qualifier
Multiple X  Circuit Finals Qualifier
3x Circuit Champion
PRCA Saddle Bronc Director: Served 6 Years
Badlands Circuit Saddle Bronc Director (S.B., B.R., T.R.)

"Neil, I love these boots. They fit right, have a good felling shank, and are holding up great. I would recommend them to anyone who takes their bronc riding seriously!"
-Ryan Mapston
 Belt, MT
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 10
Tour Finale Qualifications 8

"I use Barstow Pro Rodeo Equipment because it is built rodeo tough! You can always count on it when the buzzer rings."
-Cody Wright 
Milford, UT
2X PRCA World Champion (2008,2010)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 12 (2003-2014)
Tour Finale Qualifications: 14
Tour Finale Titles: 1