Calf Riding/Mutton Busting Rope

Price: $99.95
Product  310-CCR

Attention:  Due to the high demand for these ropes, please be aware there is currently a 2 to 3 week build time. 

Our mutton busting/calf riding ropes use the same material and craftsmanship as our adult bull ropes for sale. They are braided very tight and laced by our top quality craftsman. Fits Sheep and Calves up to 400 lbs. The handles and tail are about 5/8" wide for small hands. Tail is 4 ft. long. Handle is around 12" (block and stock included) and Loop End is 4 ft. long for a complete length of around 9 ft. total. These youth bull riding ropes are braided either right handed or left handed for the utmost in safety. Color Choices not available.