Rodeo Chaps 100-35

Rodeo Chaps 100-07
DO NOT USE JEAN SIZES AS CHAP MEASUREMENTS!  Using jean sizes will ensure that your chaps WON'T FIT.


1.)  List your Height and Weight
in the "Height, Weight, Initials, Lettering and Special Instructions" Box, the last section of the specification list. (We use this to double check chap measurements.)
2.)  You must type the Initials exactly as you want them to read (Capitalization, Punctuation, etc.)
, if you are having lettering or initials added to your chaps.
3.)  Any other pertinent information involving the custom chaps need to be specified in this section of the specification list.

The Deadline to Guarantee Custom Chap Orders In Time for Christmas is November 25th.  Custom Chap Orders may be subject to Air Freight Charges in order to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.

Return Policy -
  • Custom Chaps are Non-Returnable.
Build Time for Custom Chaps -
Event chaps are to be used for.
Hand you use to ride with.
I'm not worried about my wrist rubbing against the buckle.
Upper Thigh Measurement
Waist Measurement
Inseam Measurement
Outseam Measurement
Thigh Design
Body Color
Fringe Color
Double Fringe
Overlay Color
4th Color Cutouts
Conchos (Price is for a group of 6 Conchos per pair pf chaps.)
Tooled Leather Tops and Thigh Designs
Thigh Strings
If used for Saddle Bronc Riding, would you like to add Saddle Bronc Patches?
Initials on Lower Corner of Chap Leg
If only putting initials on one leg, the right leg is the best since people will be reading your chaps from left to right.
Height, Weight, Initials, Lettering and Special Instructions
If purchasing initials, please spell and punctuate exactly as you want it made!
Base Price: $465.00 Customized Price: $465.00
  • Custom Chaps are Non-Returnable.
  • These Custom Chaps will take 2 to 3 weeks to build.
  • Bareback Riding
  • Middle Buckle
  • Upper Thigh -22"
  • Waist - 31"
  • Inseam - 33"
  • Outseam - 42"
  • Thigh Design - Same as Chap Number
  • Body - Black
  • Fringe - Black
  • Double Fringe - None
  • Overlay - Black
  • 4th Color - None- Same Color as Fringe
  • Conchos - None
  • Tooled or Specialty Leather - None
  • Thigh Strings - None
  • Bronc Patches - NO
  • Initials - None
  • If purchasing initials, please spell and punctuate exactly as you want it made!